30 April 2019

Agic Technology partner of "24Ore Business School"



Agic Technology is a partner of the "24ORE Business School" for the new Master "Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain" which will have a total duration of 11 months (5 classroom and 6 internship), starting on 28th october 2019.

The master will deepen the current context of the Italian industry, still looking for competitive responses to the evolving needs of the market and the characteristics of Industry 4.0.

The new business models, in fact, cannot ignore the multichannel: product, process and organizational innovations, sustainable production and distinctive skills are aspects that contribute decisively to the achievement of significant positions in the globalized market.  In this process of continuous evolution, the role of the Supply Chain therefore becomes strategic for the management of the "entire distribution chain" and for the acquisition of competitive advantages.

The Master's course of study will allow students to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to face the challenges of future managers, passing through the development of the skills of smart factories in a context of supply chain management.

Lessons will be held at the 24ORE Business School in Via Monte Rosa, 91 (Milan).

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