16 June 2017

Big Data Analysis: Microsoft launches the new PowerBI

During the Microsoft Data Insight Summit, held in Seattle from the12th to the13th of June, the new version of the Microsoft PowerBI suite has been presented.

Among the main innovations we can mention the integration with Visio, featured with new intelligent reporting options, such as Quick Insights that allows anyone to use the AI and Cortana vocal service to make questions using human voice.

Today, in the age of digital revolution, Big Data plays an increasingly central role, crucial to analyze the amount of informations incoming from a variety of sources.

According to the research run by the Big Data Analytics & Business Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, this trend is also visible in Italy: “the analytics market grew by 15% to reach the value of 905 million, with the business intelligence solutions that apply at around 80% of the market, 39% of Italian CIOs see business intelligence, big data and analytics as the main investment priority for the coming years. The industry most interested in the analytics market among big business is banking (29%), followed by manufacturing (22%), telecommunications and media (14%), public administration and health (8%)”, writes Stefano Priolo on Wired.

Agic Technology, for some years now, has developed a team dedicated to managing projects in Data Analytics, which has successfully completed several implementations of Microsoft PowerBI.