07 May 2019

Company cooperation during Microsoft Teams age

Imagine having in your hands a product that makes you communicate with all the actors involved in a project, resulting in a much greater effectiveness.
Imagine being able to share files of any extension, halving processing times. Imagine being able to customize your workplace with just one click.
Imagine taking advantage of all these features in complete safety, compliance and total control.

If you have in mind a simplified work environment like this, then welcome to Microsoft Teams.

In the age of the Digital Transformation, where connectivity plays a crucial role, companies and employees need to communicate effectively and quickly.

Today, the activities within a company and the main sectors to which they are distributed need interconnection that takes into account workplaces often located miles away from each other, with different times and languages, and with different work environments. The evolution and growth of the activities always benefit from a more efficient connection and sharing.

Microsoft Teams is able to respond to every company’s needs in this direction:

  • communicating more effectively through group chat, calls, web conferences and online meetings, making targeted decisions in a single large and smart hub;
  • collaborating on files through the Office 365 integrated apps (Word, Excel, Power Point, Share Point);
  • customizing workspaces by adding Microsoft apps and third-party services more functional to the projects;
  • achieving all this in total security and compliance, without risks, thanks to Office 365.

To quantify the benefits of Microsoft Teams for organizations and employees, Microsoft commissioned a study from Forrester Consulting: "The Total Economic ImpactOf Microsoft Teams" - Improved Employee And Company Performance". Forrester interviewed more than 260 customers using Microsoft Teams in a wide range of industries, from financial services to education.

The common customer feedback was:

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Collaboration within the organization much more effective
  • Processes innovation and integration (with Office 365)

Microsoft Teams, in all cases analyzed, has significantly reduced costs, accelerated processes and improved the experience of both employees and customers.

"For a standard organization of 5,000 users, the study reported benefits and costs of approximately $30.3 million and $3.3 million, respectively, with a total net benefit of $27.1 million over three years". ("Quantifying the value of collaboration with Microsoft Teams" by Lori Wright, General Manager of Microsoft 365)

The study carried out by Forrester Consulting highlighted 4 main advantages in terms of communication and collaboration:

  1. Same result with few meetings and less wasted time thanks to the online tools. Cost reduced thanks to the optimization of processing times and less resources involved into solving problems related to the project;
  2. An average of four hours per week saved through information sharing and processing, a very good result in terms of costs;
  3. The connection between applications from any device generates benefits for every worker, even those working from remote. In addition to halving costs, which the Forrester study quantifies through the experiences of 260 customers under examination (For more information on "numbers" read pdf.), the cohesion of employees is more solid and generates a common corporate involvement that overcomes the classic stakes of distances, locations and languages.
  4. With Microsoft Teams, the possibility of accessing online resources reduces waiting periods and non-working periods by 14.6%.

Microsoft Teams revolutionizes the classic paradigms of the work environment, innovates, facilitates and simplifies business processes and decision-making processes.

"Collaboration is key to turning ideas into reality. When you have a place to create and make team decisions, there are no limits to the things you can do. Teams stimulates collaboration in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files and use corporate apps" (Microsoft).

Danilo  Stancato