27 July 2016

FO_RM: Software Agic for Suppliers Management

FO_RM is the software solution developed by Agic Technology for Suppliers List management.

Implemented successfully both in the public administration and in private companies, enables the management of internal processes, particularly with regard to the Suppliers Initial and Periodic Qualification Process.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Web Portal on Microsoft SharePoint are the FO_RM software base technology.

Managed Processes:

Suppliers insertion requests:

  • Requests received of potential suppliers
  • Approval process
  • Communicating with potential supplier

Supplier registry:

  • Personal Data
  • Document Management
  • Management Updates


  • Tender calls management
  • Thresholds and criteria management
  • Offers and contracts management

Evaluation Suppliers:

  • Evaluation criteria definition
  • Total rating calculation
  • Evaluation management


Modular and scalable, FO_RM is a flexible solution that speeds up and simplifies the management of purchasing office activities, through the integration with existing systems, such as ERP or document storage systems.