25 May 2018

From the partnership between Agic Technology and Prelios Valuations PREMIUM has come

We got (big) data! The real estate risk analysis innovative platform has finally stepped into the business. Introduced yesterday for the first time, at the wonderful location Deloitte Green House in Milan, PREMIUM rises up from a partnership between Prelios Valuations, Agic Technology, Microsoft, Deloitte, Consodata, BraVe m&t (Polytechnic of Milan spin off) and Magister (Master Assessment Geo-referenced Isometric and Territorial). For the Real Estate sector this is a little revolution. The platform exploits all the potential of big data at the service of risk management, combining:

  • Statistical and granular analysis of properties throughout Italy;
  • Big data social and economic and twenty-year historical series;
  • Algorithms of projection for future values ​​and decreasing value risk.

Thus an innovative risk analysis, both of individual assets and entire real estate portfolios, is obtained in the short and medium term.

Premium - explains Prelios Valuations - allows banks, investors, insurers and property managers to widen their outlook on the performance of the real estate market, moving from an observation based on prices and transactions to another one that includes the entire scenario of the economic, social and demographic macro and micro context. Thanks to the depth of the historical series and forecasting models, Premium allow users to identify the most probable future value of the building”.

PREMIUM represents, in its essence, the best solution for Credit Institutions, in particular for the CRO, the CFO, the CLO, the Compliance Responsibles and the Audit, and responds to the new IFRS 9 accounting principles, to the European Central Bank regulations and to the Circular 285 issued by the Bank of Italy.

“It was important to provide a tool that would associate every asset with an assessment of the value and the risk factor, also in a predictive perspective”, said Luke Brucato, Head of Business Development at Prelios Valuations.

In Agic Technology, as always, we proudly embrace projects of this kind that allow, with technology and innovation, to accelerate progress.


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