21 June 2017

GDPR: a step forward for data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a major innovation that will be valid in all European countries from May 25, 2018, in order to protect privacy and security of personal data handled by companies.

This represents a pivotal change in what the GDPR implies, because each company will have to consider security and privacy measures prior to the start any activity, and much is currently being said about Privacy. Another fundamental theme is Security: it is not possible to think GDPR and Security as two unrelated topics. Especially today, considering the latest Cyber ​​Crime facts, the GDPR offers the opportunity to take cyber security measures to keep companies safe from computer attacks.

Definitely, the GDPR is not only intended as a set of regulatory obligations, but also as an opportunity for companies to effectively implement their security measures and comply with regulations, with the advantage of using Microsoft technology.

Agic Technology, using the technology made available by Microsoft (Azure, Dynamics 365, Office and Office 365, SQL Server, and more), is able to support companies in the process of adjusting to GDPR, also thanks to its partnership with aiComply, which boasts a strong experience in Privacy, Security and Compliance.