07 July 2017

HRM365 for structured and shared management of the HR processes

As a natural consequence of its extensive experience in HR projects, Agic Technology has developed a dedicated solution for a structured, shared and centralized management of employee relationship management processes, with the goal of improving organization efficiency.

There are currently two types of HR management systems on the market today: the payroll system, which does little to fit the needs of the HR office and the way it operates; and the ERP system with its HR module, complete and complex, which is, however, less flexible and less scalable.

The HRM365 solution, compared to the above mentioned contexts, is halfway between the two: it can be adopted by both small and large companies, and can be used in a variety of ways, always placing the “resource at the center of the business”. A unified solution that guarantees at the same time the ability to expand, by activating the different modules whenever is needed, based on the consolidated Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology.

Click here and watch the HRM365 video for more information and details.

To find out the point of view of our HRM365 manager and his direct experience, read the article.