26 September 2017

HRM365 in Illumia: the solution for efficient and innovative Human Resources management

Illumia Spa, a well known supplier of electricity and gas, is a symbol of an innovative and green company, with important expansion growth and, above all, with a strong orientation towards people: “In these first ten years of life, everything happened: we were born, changed and raised at the speed of light, but above all we supplied energy and gas to more than 200,000 people who, in return, gave us another energy: their energy”. This focus is directed not only on customers but also on internal resources, considered a strategic business asset to be supported and valued.

Following the rapid growth of the Illumia Group, came the need to adopt an appropriate system that would allow efficient and effective management of Human Resources.

The HR Department has immediately expressed the need to have a centralized and automated solution that could overcome the limits of the classic “home made” solution: maintenance, risk of errors and/or loss of data, the little flexibility comapred to the increasingly growing needs.

Thanks to the collaboration with the IT department that supported the HR office in finding a suitable system and Agic Technology, which thanks to its expertise has proposed a solution suited to the needs of Illumia, in no time it has been possibile to succesfully manage all the processes related to the resource.

HRM365 is the solution for a structured, shared, and centralized management of HR management processes, whode purpose is enclosing in a single integrated system all information about the collaborators and the activities carried out on them.

It is a modular and scalable system ready to be tailored to the needs of the single company HR; the main areas managed by HRM365 from Illumia are:

  • ​Full resource data (personal info, organizational charts, contract frameworks, payroll and business cost, benefits)

  • Payslips: getting compensation data from the payroll system

  • Training: organization and delivery of training courses/editions (list of recognized qualifications and languages, list of training courses and training institutions, list of courses scheduling with the participating associations, expenses and feedback registration...)

  • BI: complete analysis and reporting about the various data that characterizes the Illumia resource (age of children for their studies, according to targeted welfare policies, gender distribution to provide open opportunities for all, economic analysis of the years of average seniority, cost of the employee, and more)


The adoption of HRM365 within Illumia has introduced a careful and timely resource management, thanks to the time break of updating information coupled with an immediate and structured dissemination of the information (remind email, alert). Significantly improved time management by setting up an automated alerting system for periodic tasks (interviews, contractual deadlines).

More generally, these benefits can be summarized in:

  • Easy to use: the solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics technology (user friendly and integrated with Office)

  • Centralization of information from different sources into a single HR management system

  • Data quality guarantee, easily accessible

  • Intuitive and attractive reporting and analysis to support management and dedicated initiatives, thanks to the Microsoft Power BI

  • Possibility to enhance the solution by adding additional modules based on the business needs

Illumia Offer

The introduction of HRM365 in daily operations has speeded up the everyday practices of Illumia Human Resources Department, minimizing the possibility of errors and improving storage and organization of the employee sensitive data. It has also made possible the creation of a more complete traceability of individual training paths, payroll data, and the overall personal and family resource data.

The impact on cutting down the processing time and the immediate access to the information was undoubtedly and easily perceived by the whole HR department.

It is also important to mention the positive support from the Agic Support, always available and responsive in managing critical issues and operating doubts.