18 November 2016

LINKEM: an AGIC Technology success case!

The Company

Linkem SPA is the leading telecommunications operator in Italy in the wireless broadband industry. Established in 2001, Linkem aims to bring wireless, no fixed line, barrier free, unlimited Internet access to facilitate a simple and accessible interaction even in areas where traditional internet operators do not arrive.


  • Creation of a new website with advanced CMS
  • Flexibility in layout customizations
  • Responsive graphics/adaptive design
  • Advanced marketing funtions
  • e-Commerce integrated with the organization systems

The decisive choice

The adoption of the Sitecore platform (based on Microsoft .NET Framework) has been chosen for its high integrability, scalability, and maintainability, and is able to provide a set of advanced marketing tools and features tailored for the business strategy growth and for the company vision in the broad expansion.

The first visible result is the creation of the new website www.linkem.com, published in occasion of the “launch in Rome” in which Linkem added the capital city to its connectivity coverage (July 2016).

The site features a “New User Experience Concept”, and has a modern, responsive mobile design and all the features of “Sitecore Marketing & Customer Experience”.

The web platform configured by Agic Technology will enable the implementation of the new e-Commerce Area and the new Customer Area, integrated with future and existing Linkem BSS systems: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft BizTalk and Microsoft SharePoint.


The Solution Partner

Agic Technology is the technology partner at Linkem side during this decisive strategic phase for the configuration of an evolved and highly structured architecture that can handle all integrated business processes with the utmost efficiency.

Agic Technology has consolidated a trustful relationship in several years of collaboration with Linkem, thanks to its high expertise, reliability and compliance with development times.

Agic Technology plus winners are mainly based on the experience in the major Microsoft integration projects (Agic Technology is among the first Microsoft Dynamics Partners in Italy and Sitecore Gold Partner), in addition to a Business Unit dedicated to website design and portals with high standards of UX Look & Feel, on high-end CMS.