12 March 2019

Microsoft leader in Analysis and BI Solutions. Get to know Power BI!

Gartner has certified Microsoft as leader in Analysis and Business Intelligence solutions for the 12th consecutive year.

Gartner Inc. publishes the Magic Quadrant every year, which is a result of researches in a specific market area, which provides a broad overview of the positions occupied by competitors in that specific sector.
In the field of the Information Technology, the Magic Quadrant helps to evaluate the performance of technology solution providers in relation to their corporate mission and the quality of the results, placing them within a quadrant based on specific criteria and attributing the following "labels":
Leader: excellent performance, both at present and in the future, thanks to the ability to analyze market trends.
Visionary: good analysis of market trends, but practice can improve.
Niche Players: lack of a broad market vision and no marked visibility in performance.
Challengers: good performance at present, but lack of analysis of market trends and overview.


Microsoft is a Leader in complete product vision, positive sales experience and intuitive user experience, resulting in the maximum customer satisfaction, helping to place Microsoft as the Magic Quadrant Leader among the Analysis and Business Intelligence platforms for 12 years by now.
Microsoft Power BI, a Data Analytics tool, offers in a single solution:

  • Connect, import and transform data from a variety of different sources
  • Visual-based data discovery
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Enhanced analysis

These features ease the distribution and adaptability of the product with an eye to the traits and needs of the company, strengthening analysis and the reliability of the tool as well as customer satisfaction.

Among the strength points emerging from customer feedback stand out the investment required and the ability to offer a better product year after year, while maintaining the ease of use and learning, despite specific cases of application and analysis of increasingly complex data.

Want to know more? Agic Technology, in collaboration with Microsoft, is pleased to invite you to the Power BI Training Workshops.

Danilo Stancato