06 June 2019

Microsoft Modern Workplace opens smart working organization to everyone

The digital revolution is a fast train, which is rapidly changing our approach to everyday life and the way we think of work and workplace. Getting on this train means embracing new paradigms that redefine work organization. Stopping this journey to the future, or getting off abruptly at intermediate stops is a risk not to be taken. Missing this train means, in terms of work, a definitive defeat.

Just think of the consequences, during the first industrial revolution, of not having embraced the new transport system with the steam locomotive, staying anchored to the traditional transport with towed animals. It meant losing competitiveness, losing efficiency, losing revenue and ultimately failing.

Well, the current working framework is similar to this one. New technologies, in fact, require a drastic adaptation that often frightens companies and workers, especially in a country historically reluctant to sudden changes of direction, like Italy.

Throughout the business world, in any sector, business management is forced to keep up with the digital transformation in order to keep competitiveness high, focusing on: collaboration, sharing and productivity, innovation, security, protection, smart work organization and customer satisfaction, especially today with customers increasingly aware, and therefore demanding.

The Modern Workplace designed by Microsoft combined with Agic Technology approach is the ideal strategy to guide companies towards new work standards.
With Modern Workplace, every company is able to adapt to the fast digital changes, aligning staff and always keeping them at the centre of the path as well as creating highly personalized, intelligent and safe experiences.
Smart work organization consist in 3 main phases:

Empowerment: aligning employees, staff and collaborators to the new rules of work, allowing them to express their full potential in the best possible way, supporting them, strengthening them and directing them towards maximum efficiency and productivity;

Engagement: every employee, every member of the team, every collaborator must be engaged and placed at the centre of the path, implementing data sharing, collaboration, productivity and creativity;

Employability: investing in targeted updates and training, tailored to every need and every type of role and individual, exploiting in particular the great potential of Artificial Intelligence with upskilling and reskilling methods, granting preparation and efficiency.

Microsoft Modern Workplace offers a fully connected work environment, in which data, flows, news and applications are managed with the utmost transparency and total security, acting according to the community, without limiting the individual potential.

Companies that still use outdated technologies are struggling to meet the new demands and standards of digital transformation. For them, updating processes must be impending in order to raise the bar and to avoid reaching a point of no return. Companies that have previously thought in terms of digital transformation, on the other hand, are already getting the benefits: the work environment is connected, employees and collaborators are more involved through real-time consultation of documents they are working on, business data are accessible to all, productivity increases in total security and protection.

Such a smart internal work environment brings clear benefits to the outside world, especially in this age, when geographical boundaries no longer represent a barrier to collaboration and where new devices allow employees to operate on the move, connecting to their accounts from any location, without running any risk of data leakage.

In this context, in order to realize the Modern Workplace, Microsoft has created an ideal offer of products, services and tools: from the constantly updated Office 365 applications, to targeted collaborations and solutions, such as Microsoft Teams (see our in-depth analysis), SharePoint and OneDrive, all these tools accessible from the single Microsoft 365 platform.
The interaction and integration between them allow users to choose the most functional real-time tool for their work-in-progress, always having the information at hand and shared with all the other tools.
A rich, shared and complete experience that allows full expression of the benefits of the Modern Workplace, in total respect of privacy and security standards, thanks to the intelligent and integrated features of Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

With Microsoft 365 all this becomes natural and companies, regardless of their area of expertise, organization chart or size, can access a full set of benefits with no problems.
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Danilo Stancato