07 June 2019

Procurement & Innovation Congress (Rome), innovation beyond limits


The combination of procurement and innovation continues its exponential growth.

In this context, it has been a honour and a pleasure to take part, last week, in the "Procurement & Innovation Congress", at the European Space Agency (ESA) in Frascati (Rome).
The Procurement & Innovation Congress has become a traditional appointment and a fundamental event for Purchasing Managers and buyers. This year's edition was attended by 18 speakers, moderated by Giovanni Parrillo, Director of Economia Italiana.


The prestigious participation of Agic Technology is linked to the presence of Stefano Carosi (Purchasing Manager of Agenzia delle entrate – Riscossione) who has intervened in Panel II - Innovation in Public Procurement, as speaker for Agenzia delle entrate – Riscossione ERP Project, a speech focused on our project based on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The day was further enhanced by the presence of guest Paolo Nespoli, Italian engineer, military and astronaut, with 3 space missions, from 2007 to 2017, for a total of 313 days, 2 hours and 36 minutes of stay in space. His speech "Oltre I Confini Dell’Innovazione" proved to be a source of food for thought, particularly on companies’ approach towards innovation. Innovation is an invaluable resource, which can make any project possible, even the most futuristic, as reiterated by the great astronaut: "The future is ours; let's dream of impossible things, then let's wake up and get busy to realize them!


The event ended with a guided tour of the ESA exhibition spaces (CREOP - Centro di Ricezione dei Dati Satellitari), where it is possible to observe the instruments and screens for monitoring the current missions (from the 1970s to the present) with which data coming from space is recorded and processed, in the Heritage Missions Walkthrough area. The visit ended in the 3D environment (Phi Experience), with several interactive installations for the graphic representation of earth observation data, from the erosion of glaciers and the rise of the seas to the map of pollution on Lazio.

In short, more than a congress, it has been a real educational experience with contributions of the highest quality.

Danilo Stancato