29 January 2019

The future of every company goes through Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is a source of benefits for every company, and this is something that even the last skepticals have welcomed. But, can the impact of the Digital Transformation be measured? Yes.

This is what emerged from the last World Economic Forum (WEF), which was held between 22 and 25 January in Davos (Switzerland). A study published by Schneider Electric, a French multinational, has produced very interesting figures and percentages about costs and time optimization. The benefits span through all sectors: industrial, commercial, primary, service, private and public.

The potential of the digital transformation (correctly and progressively implemented) brings benefits especially in three categories of competitiveness: capital expenditures (CapEx), operating expenditures (OpEx), and advantages related to sustainability, speed and performance.


Schneider Electric has analysed more than 230 companies (linked to projects developed with customers) from 41 different countries over the last five years. Beyond specific sectors and individual projects, it is interesting to take an overview of the scope of this research:

  • The digitization of design processes provides an average saving of 35%, in particular reducing capital expenditures and bringing clear advantages over time optimization;
  • the costs for the implementation of new systems and components are reduced on average by 29%;
  • by drawing on the IoT (Internet of Things), operating expenses are cut sharply and, at the same time, increase efficiency, reliability, punctuality, security and sustainability. The average saving in consumption is close to 25%;
  • Companies and organizations involved in the study report average energy savings of 24%, one of the largest cost centers, as a result of digitization projects.

Digital transformation allows to produce more with less energy, lengthens the working life of the tools used, involves the use of less materials and less time.

Adding up all the items, the full potential of digital transformation is unleashed and a 50% increase in productivity is achieved!

The conclusion of Schneider Electric's study is that the value of the digital transformation is unavoidable and is set to increase in the incoming years. It is the President and CEO of Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, who certifies it:

“Digital transformation is the only way to create coherence and efficiency within a company. Technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data and analytics are already producing innovation, results and competitive advantage. Our study shows that many companies and organizations need someone to trust to manage this complexity and unleash the full potential of the digital transformation”.

Digital transformation is driving new competitive realities and new business systems. Agic Technology guides management to respond optimally to the new business demands.




Danilo Stancato