28 June 2017

The Public Administration becomes Smart with Digital

On June the 28th, Agic Technology, in collaboration with Microsoft, organized a public administration event to tell how digital transformation has provided concrete answers to the needs of the citizen and strengthened a trusted relationship based on the PA's capacity and organizations to provide customized services and responses.

During the meeting, we will show how Microsoft solutions made possible to trace, manage, and monitor all internal and external processes, creating value added services, and improving citizens' relationships. The potential for implementing such a transformation project will be told through the history of ACI Informatica, which, with the support of Agic Technology, has implemented a major digitization and streamlining of processes to improve the services offered to citizens and the report with its partners.

The adoption of Dynamics 365 has allowed:

  • a unified and unique view of the customer/consumer and its journey across the various physical and digital touch-points
  • data analysis to create new communication and marketing initiatives and manage listening campaigns with a quick timing to the services market
  • Acquiring and fidelizing customers/consumers through social media presence
  • use predictive analysis tools to anticipate citizen/customer behavior
  • Communicate, enable conversations and involve citizens/customers through digital channels (web, mobile, social, and more)
  • optimize internal collaboration between different departments and functions


The appointment is scheduled for June the 28th

h 10:30 am - 12:30 am

at Microsoft Headquarters in Viale Avignone 10