06 June 2018

Trends and forecasts of real estate assets just one click away: you can now with PREMIUM by Prelios Valuations & Agic Technology

Risks and opportunities of a real estate asset. How does the approach with the new PREMIUM platform change? Compared to the past, Premium allows banks and large real estate investors to look at the real estate world at 360 degrees and according to a global perspective. You can analyze your real estate portfolio sitting behind your desk, with an all round approach no longer limited to the single asset. Through the Power BI technology and the use of all the data within Microsoft Azure, it will be possible to predict the evolution of the value of every real estate asset according to the context and to the changes in the social, economic and demographic level in the Country.

During this step the contribution of Agic Technology has been fundamental, through the homogenization of a whole series of particularly divergent data sources. These big data, made available within the Microsoft cloud, obviously with cloud algorithms, now allow Prelios to provide its customers with a revolutionary and innovative vision in terms of real estate trends. This new approach to big data reading, combined with the historic trend that Prelios Valuations makes available thanks to its twenty years of field experience, makes this platform essential in the current social and economic frame.

Agic Technology has shared its experience and expertise in this innovative project, especially for the use of Microsoft technologies, to provide banking and real estate investors world with an access to a cloud database made of social and demographic big data previously not available in the Italian market.

“Premium is the first of a series of projects that we will present to the market in the incoming months”, said Giampaolo Corsini, CEO of Prelios Valuations (Prelios Group). “The 360-degree experience and operation that we offer to support the market and real estate collateral, and our strategic choice for innovation, place us in a position of absolute favor to guide the ongoing transformation in the service world”.

“We are living in a moment when profitability on mortgages is particularly compressed, capital requirements are at their top rates and vigilance is high on NPL and provisions. The Premium platform completes the visual field of the risk manager, anticipating through an asset-by-asset analysis all the signals that can indicate a future change in value”, reported Luke Brucato, Head of Business Development of Prelios Valuations.

Prelios Valuations, Agic Technology, Microsoft, Deloitte, Consodata, BraVe m&t (spin-off of the Milan Polytechnic) and Magister (Master Assessment Geo-referenced Isometric and Territorial) have created a platform that represents the future of risks vs opportunities management of real estate investments.