Agic is Magic!

We are in love with our work, we have built together a supportive and ethical company with strong and shared cultural values. A reality to which each person proudly feels to belong to, as an indispensable resource of a team game in which team game in which everybody can express his own individuality.


10 good reasons

1. Our core values include respect, passion, loyalty, transparency, reliability and continuous improvement of our resources

2. We are dynamic: innovation and change never leave us

3. We have more than 30 years of experience

4. We are a technologically advanced

5. We believe in the strength of the Group

to choose Agic

6. Your efforts are always valued, and on your skills you can obtain Microsoft certifications

7. You work with the right balance: for us, flexibility is a mindset

8. Microsoft recognizes us as a leading Gold Partner in Italy

9. We hunger for knowledge: we never stop learning

10. In Agic, the person is always at the center

The environment and values

Our style is characterized by a young and dynamic environment. Our ambition is to become directors of digital transformation, with passion, talent, energy and innovative ideas.
Our values are respect for the individual, trust and continuous improvement. We take full advantage of the potential of Smart Working by ensuring maximum flexibility, working by objectives, achieving maximum life-work balance.
We believe in people, in their future, working together with Microsoft for the improvement of quality of life, safety and growth, respecting the world around us.


Career Paths

We provide targeted training plans to direct your talent to an ambitious career path.
Agic will give you the opportunity to confront interesting and diverse projects, for clients operating at a high level in major market sectors.
Your commitment will be maximized through cross-cutting training plans, and also through the achievement of Microsoft certifications.




The value of the individual

We are looking for motivated and resourceful individuals with a desire to grow and share talent and potential.
Every individual is important to us, with the different perspectives they bring. That is why we have created a company where everyone can be themselves and do their best work.
We believe in results, achieved with the right work-life balance.


The value of the group

Team spirit is especially felt at Agic. It is no accident that friendships are often created that go beyond the work environment! We organize team-building events to get to know each other better, across our skills and roles.
So get ready: you may soon find yourself having business meetings walking in the park, challenging your colleagues to a green challenge, being a speaker at an international Microsoft conference, or playing a game of beach volleyball with your manager!



3 days together 
with games, meetings, sports, parties and lots of fun!

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img_mosaic_AGIC IS MAGIC

Team building? The most anticipated event of the year!

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