Benefit in Agic

We strongly believe that people should be valued and supported in their daily work.
Work-life harmony is a value we believe in for your well-being and success.



Flexibility, Health and Wellness

Flexibility and smart working have changed the way we live, and at Agic we know it well!
We think that people's well-being is a fundamental value, to be ensured in every possible way:

  • Smart Working
  • Fitness programs with Buddyfit platform
  • Walking Meetings



Mens sana in corpore sano

Physical activity positively affects our body and mood. Working out regularly increases the production of endorphins, also called the "happy hormone." Sports help improve the cardiovascular system and our posture, whether standing or in front of a desk. Playing sports improves productivity at work, decreases illness, and helps with motivation and teamwork. In this way you can work on people's energy and well-being all round by putting everyone in a position to make the most of their abilities: motivated and happy people can handle work challenges better.


Growth Paths

From the time you join Agic, a targeted training plan will be defined for you to launch your talent on an ambitious career path!

  • Training Programs
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Courses for Technical Skill
  • Courses for Role Skill
  • Soft Skill and Team Building Courses
  • English Courses


Community & Entertainment

The sense of community is very strong for us:

You will discover an inspiring environment where collaboration and team spirit will surprise you.
We work hard and we love to having fun! 

  • Corporate Parties
  • Contests and games
  • Leisure Conventions
  • Christmas Box
  • Vacation Coupons
  • Events
  • Volunteerism (Time Off)

Agic Extras

A few "extras" don't hurt!
From tools for working, to incentives:
Your personal life is important, and we take that into account.

  • Welcome Kit
  • Ticket Restaurant
  • Welfare Plan
  • Internet connectivity
  • Wedding/Birth Bonus

Depending on your role you can have:

  • Smartphone
  • Company Car

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