We are always looking for motivated and enterprising people, who want to compete in ambitious projects. Our style is characterized by a young and dynamic environment, where the potential of the individual is recognized and stimulated for individual and team professional growth.


10 good reasons...

1. Our values are Respect, Trust and the continuous improvement of our resources

2. We are dynamic, innovation and change never leave us

3. We have 30 years experience

4. We are a technologically advanced reality

5. We believe in the strength of the group

...to choose Agic

6. Your efforts are valued, and your skills can earn Microsoft certifications

7. At work with the right balance, for us flexibility is a mindset

8. Microsoft recognizes us as one of the main Gold Partners in Italy

9. We are agile and thirsty for knowledge, we never stop learning

10. At Agic the person is at the center

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