ERP Plug&Play
Speed up time and reduce costs

Minimize the time and cost of starting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation.
The only solution on the market based on an international ERP that doesn't need an implementation project.

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ERP Plug&Play: What you'll get

Plug&Play is our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud implementation solution designed to reduce adoption time and cost.

  • Finance – management of general and analytical accounting and of the main accounting books
  • Sales – management of the receivable accounting: from the sales offer to the active invoice
  • Purchase – procurement management: from purchase offer to supplier invoice and payment accounting
  • Inventory – from item and stock monitoring to warehouse costing methods

Why ERP Plug&Play?

  • 100% Cloud
  • Projectless
  • No Capex
  • Implementation & Data Migration included
  • Ready to use
  • Ready for Smartworking
  • Data Export & Excel reporting

Why Business Central?

  • End-to-end Company Processes view
  • Full data view real time
  • Time to cash optimization 
  • Departmental Software reduction
  • Costs & Maintenance reduction


Executive Summary Forrester’s analysis of five current Microsoft customers found that Dynamics 365 Business Central enabled these organizations to bolster operational efficiency, avoid costs, and comfortably scale their deployments with growth while benefitting from the flexibility of the cloud.

An analysis based on a $15-million, 250-employee composite organization modeled after the five interviewes demonstrates benefits of $466K over three years versus costs of $178K, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $288K and an ROI of 162%.

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Ideal for...

Start-up | Scale-up Companies | SMBs

Fast Growing business

Professional Services

Incubators | Venture capitalist | Crowdfundings


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


What our customers say about us

"The Business Central ERP system provides a single tool to improve work and specifically allows the coordination of business processes, enables integrated management of all business procedures and converges information in one place, so data can be administered faster.

Workflows are streamlined, for the benefit of integration and of the reduction of production time and wastes.

Thanks to the system's features and specific implementations on our business model, manual checks and errors have been minimized."

Dea Leobruni, Head of Accounting di CHILI

Our solutions

Our Business Central P&P solution supports operational efficiency, cuts costs, and enables scalable and elastic business growth. Here are our packages:



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