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We offer customized technology solutions and training paths to support CFOs through high expertise, innovative proposals, real-life use cases, and reliable support over time.

Technology Solutions

We are specialized in supporting CFOs with multiple solutions tailored on their needs and aimed at the management of Administrative-Accounting, Management, Control and Reporting Systems.

Training Paths

We are leaders in building ad hoc training plans, supporting CFOs in their skill-up journey through initiatives such as "CFO Digital Journey" and "Microsoft 4 CFO." These courses are not only theoretical but also practical, enriched by the analysis of real-life use cases.


Chief Financial Officer

The CFO has always represented one of our key stakeholders, the major interpreter of the administrative area, management, control and assurance needs of the entire company.

Digital CFO

Among the various management roles, the CFO is one of the most exposed to the digital revolution.
It is clear that companies need a business model that can respond to the pressures of technological innovation.
The change is primarily about a total control of corporate evolution, increasingly in the hands of the CFO.

A leadership shared with the CEO that aims to eliminate outdated business models in favor of more modern ones, green light therefore to the use of state-of-the-art instrumentation that will ensure automation of all time consuming processes.
The CFO with his or her data management and analytical skills, thanks to modern, state-of-the-art tools, is the person who, alongside the CEO, will actively contribute to the definition of corporate strategy.

From CFOs:
Digital Transformation come must

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CFO Trend - Microsoft

  • CFOs face growing responsibility for managing directional reporting and risk management
  • Business areas need "decision-ready data"
  • Planning is more important than ever, both predictive and forecasting
  • Growing importance of training and skill enhancement
  • Organizations will increasingly demand to model processes and procedures based on remote or hybrid working
  • Process automation and AI will reduce time consuming activities, leaving opportunities for Finance to focus on more strategic activities
  • There will be a renewed focus on strategic investments
  • New digital economy models will bring new opportunities and new growth
  • AI and Analytics will bring significant competitive advantages and support business strategy
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The importance of data in businesses

Every company handles huge volumes of data.
Being able to analyze and read such data, can make it easier to understand certain situations.
Indeed, companies able to analyze their data can make decisions based on objective and measurable facts.

A "data-driven strategy" approach can enable your company to identify inefficiencies, improvement actions, and the achievement of expected results in different areas, through an analysis of business processes and data, using the latest Microsoft technologies.


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