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Associations & Agencies

With the goal of providing this sector with the expertise, resources and reliable technologies, Agic Technology simplifies the associates management through easy-to-deploy solutions, that cover all aspects of management and process.

Agencies Management
and Services for the Associates

Flexible solutions, tailored for the management and administration needs


  • Customer Relationship Management solutions to make relationship management with members more efficient
  • Document management collaboration tools
  • Solution for supplier registrations management
  • Accounting system
  • Digital marketing process management
  • Websites and Portals integrated with platforms and vertical CRM, online subscriptions, Brand identity, service App Development
  • E-learning platforms


  • Administrative-accounting area
  • Suppliers list
  • Members register
  • Shares management
  • Communications and circular letters management
  • Digital archiving and substitute conservation
  • Privacy, D.Lgs. 231, GDPR
  • Training


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