Collaboration & Content
From Web to integrated process

Portals & Collaboration for document management and realization of infinite solutions:

  • From Knowledge Management to Web and Integrated Processes.
  • Solutions for digital storing of business documents, alternate preservation of management documentation.
  • High customization level, from graphics for websites and intranet, and creation of tailored features.
  • Integration with ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
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Microsoft Office 365

Modern Workplaces

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365 platform, it is possible to connect people inside and outside the organization, sharing knowledge in an organized way, increasing productivity and relationships. Agic Technology is involved in the design, project and implementation of collaborative working environments, based on the Modern Workplace paradigm, aimed at creating effective networks, made both of people and contents.


Improve your Document Management with SharePoint

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Digital documents

According to current laws, digital documents can be stored in an alternate way from paper, thus saving processing times, costs, and storing space.



Agic Technology works on Microsoft SharePoint platform since its first release, boasting many years of experience and consolidated practice over time, with a dedicated team of certified technical and functional resources. We focus on the design and implementation of customized Intranet Portals tailored for our customers, and applicative solutions that take full advantage of the platform capabilities.



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