My Space Assistant
Workstation Reservation Solution

The MySpace Assistant App helps companies in reorganizing their business and employees giving them the possibility to get back in the office in total safety, it is innovative but still really simple to use.

Between remote and onsite working: managing offices spaces effectively to gain benefits from the two modes – My Space solution.

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Get Back! My Space

MySpace Assistant is a multichannel and multidevice tool designed and developed by Agic Technology to allow employees to book office space, communicating in advance their presence and compiling a triage.

This allows companies to have a detailed mapping of presence, risk and proximity in accordance with the post-COVID protocol.


PowerApp and Addin Outlook

With MySpace Assistant you will be able to access different features:

  • Booking desk
  • Meeting room reservation 
  • Visitor reservations
  • Integration with Outlook calendar 
  • Check-in
  • Booking management
  • Power BI report and dashboard
power app multi device_ridotta

Upgrade your Office 365
with the My Space App...

for the cost of one coffee a day!

We will get back our space,

I will get back MySpace!

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