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Professional Services 

Professional services management requires an extensive control of all business processes and performances, up to the organziations image and brand reputation management, aiming to an excellent customer satisfaction.


Digital R-Evolution
the Challenge

Solutions to handle the change and ride the great technological challenge


  • Sales Force Automation solutions
  • Administrative-accounting solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management solutions to make customer management more efficient
  • Specific solution for a structured, shared and centralized management of the employee relations
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management tools
  • Business Intelligence solutions for monitoring administrative and strategic goals, reporting and transparency to support governance
  • Websites, e-commerce portals, e-learning portals, Corporate Identity, Web Application development integrated with the organization systems


  • Sale Force
  • Work orders management
  • HR
  • Time Sheet and expense notes
  • Electronic Billing
  • Suppliers list
  • Privacy, D.Lgs. 231, GDPR
  • Digital marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Training


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