Prevention and control measures

Technological tool to support confidential and anonymous reporting (whistleblowing).

The recent approval of Legislative Decree 24/2023 defined minimum standards aimed at strengthening the legal protection of persons who report violations of national or European regulatory provisions, which harm the interests and/or integrity of the public or private entity to which they belong, and of which they have become aware in the course of their work.




What is this?

Whistleblowing is a procedure for reporting, while ensuring the confidentiality of the reporter, any crimes, frauds and activities contrary to applicable regulations and codes of ethics/behavior adopted by both public and private organizations, facilitating the activation of appropriate investigation, remediation and mitigation actions.


Agic Solution

WB Confidential is the web-based application for managing confidential and anonymous reports developed by Agic Technology in collaboration with aiComply within the Whistleblowing process.

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The application allows the management of the bidirectional interaction flows between the alert management structure and the whistleblower, with the option of an highly customizable reporting extracts.

Benefits for
the organization

Messages are filtered, verified and managed by the alert management structure, which will put the organization in the position to be able to promptly respond to any irregularities emerged.

  • Avoid financial losses and reputation damage, resulting from fraud or illegal behaviour
  • Provide an image of an ethical company and with a strong focus on the respect for the rules
  • Provide a support tool for Surveillance activities, where expected
  • In the event of a violation, provide the authorities with concrete evidence for assessing the company's commitment in fighting the offenses

Benefits for
the reporter

The whistleblower reports the wrongdoing confidentially or by name and has the opportunity to discuss the matter further with experts, without the need to disclose his or her identity, except in cases provided for by law.

  • Report violations or frauds in the most guaranteed privacy
  • Enable a dialog with the alert management structure to better report your message
  • Receive a feed-back about the alert sent
  • Benefit from rewarding mechanisms that the organization may provide in these cases

Collaboration Platform

The portal is an Azure web app that provides native collaboration, document management, message board, and approval workflow capabilities. The platform is highly customizable (design is tailored to the project), cross-browser usable, including mobile.

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