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Public Sector

With the aim of providing public organizations with reliable skills, resources and technologies, Agic Technology actively takes over this market segment through state-of-the-art solutions that cover all aspects of public administration management processes, focusing mainly on efficiency and ensuring high levels of security.


Microsoft Dynamics Technology
and Agic Technology skills

Enable many Public Administration companies to transform their relationship with users, through innovative, flexible and reliable solutions, tailored to the Public Administration organizational, managing and technological needs.


  • Administrative-accounting solutions that simplify Public Administration’s management
  • Software for Electronic Billing management in a complete and legal way
  • Customer Relationship Management solutions to make public relations managing more efficient by procedures streamlining
  • Specific solutions for a structured, shared and centralized public relations management
  • Integrated documents management tools (Digital Archiving and Substitute Storage)
  • Business Intelligence Solutions for management and strategic goals monitoring, and supporting processes reporting and transparency
  • Web portals and brand identities for Public Administration, App development service. Open data based web applications, innovative solutions for territory development, sports and social projects.
  • E-learning platform


  • Purchase planning according to the Public Procurement Code (ex. regulation 2014/23/UE of European Parliament and subsequent amendments)
  • Budget reporting
  • Passive Cycle supporting the fulfilment of Public Procurement Code
  • Credit certification platform management and timeliness of payments
  • Collection Accounting
  • Cinematographic rights management
  • CUP: booking health care visits and appointments scheduling
  • Disease prevention plan
  • Retirement benefits
  • Claims management
  • Financing applications
  • Privacy, GDPR
  • Human Resources management
  • Artworks management
  • Suppliers list
  • Risk Management
  • Training


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