Bank, Insurance,
SGR & Real Estate

With the goal of providing reliable expertise, resources and technologies, Agic Technology actively oversees banks, insurances agencies and real estate management companies through state-of-the-art solutions that meet the managing-accounting needs with a simple and secure interface which ensures compliance with the applicable laws.



Finance 4.0

Convert your data
into precious informations

Innovation, flexibility and reliability for financial sector organizational, managing and technological needs. Discover the value of big data, IoT and Machine Learning solutions for your organization!


  • Integrated administrative-accounting solutions that simplify the management
  • Reporting management for the ordinary regulatory compliance: subscriber register, supervisory reports to Banca d'Italia, ESMA reporting, compliance with Consob, Archivio Unico Informatico and SARA reporting, transactions recording, financial investigations, mandatory records, anti-money laundering
  • Anonymous Reporting (Whistleblowing)
  • Customer Relationship Management solutions to make customer relationship management more effective (trouble ticketing)
  • Knowledge Management portal for Real Estate (purchase, project and commissioning)
  • Business Intelligence solutions for control, reporting and analysis, easy to use by Management
  • Document Management & Collaboration
  • Websites and Web Portals, Corporate identity, Web Application development integrated with the organization’s systems


  • Administrative-accounting department (banks and real estate)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Risk Management
  • Privacy, D.Lgs. 231, GDPR


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