Agic is Magic

We are in love with our work, we have built together a supportive and ethical company, with strong and shared cultural values. A reality to which each one of us feels proud to belong, as an indispensable resource in a team game in which we can best express our individuality.


10 reasons to choose Agic

1. We believe in our values: we are committed to respect them every day every day

2. Growth & Innovation: they are in our DNA, curiosity and the desire to change to always improve ourselves is our driving force

3. We are courageous: challenges do not scare us. We juggle in a ever-growing industry with many competitors and achieve prestigious awards and important results

4. We know what we do: our expertise is based on over 30 years of experience thanks also to the solid partnership with Microsoft

5. We connect people: we believe in the strength of the team.“Together is better” is one of our mottos, together we get everywhere​


6. Continuous learning: we believe in continuous training and offer t upskilling and reskilling paths for the consolidation of soft skills and Microsoft solutions​​​

7. Flexibility: through relationships of trust we embrace the needs of those who work with us. We safeguard the worklife balance

8. Meritocracy: not only an important word but also a reality. Many of our Partners have joined us during their university studies and or through internships and have started a career path

9. Dynamism: ours is a dynamic environment full of sharing and stimulating moments.

10. The person at the centre: we recognize the unique value of each person and ensure that each one can fulfil his or her potential​​.


3 days together 
with games, meetings, sports, parties and lots of fun!

png_mosaic_AGIC IS MAGIC
img_mosaic_AGIC IS MAGIC

Team building? The most anticipated event of the year!

Video Gallery

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