The world's changing
Machine Learning

Through Machine Learning, it is possible to activate automatic processes of data analysis, learning from them and identificate hidden intuitions. It is now possible to produce high value added forecasts, to drive towards the best business decisions in real time and trigger actions without human intervention.


Artificial Intelligence

Is artificial intelligence important for my business?

Machine Learning is a tool that elaborates activities otherwise unthinkable, as were fire, wheel, paper and gunpowder.

With Machine Learning we can receive constantly updated suggestions, prevent potential frauds, elaborate targeted marketing, analyze marketing forecasts, configure service customization, diagnostics and much more.

When complexity can not be expressed as cause-effect, only Machine Learning allows us to understand who or what is affecting our performance.

If a car can work with an automatic guide, my ERP can certainly recognize my most critical customer.


How to turn data into growth potential

Data in a company are an opportunity that Agic Technology is ready to realize by promoting the growth of the business and the organization performance.

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How to do it?

We select the most appropriate data, transform them, test them on different types of artificial intelligence models and measure their performance, offering companies the best learning engine for predictive analysis. Our development platform is Azure Machine Learning, with full integration of business processes, data acquisition and reporting.

Why is it useful for your business?

Our team of data scientists and programmers R and Python can answer strategic questions for your business, for example:

  • Which customer is leaving me?
  • When is it better to perform a maintenance operation to fully exploit the life of a component?
  • Where is the response to my customer's support request at 90%?
  • What is the best selection of my stores to maximize revenue and profits?
  • Which task scheduling should I choose to improve my timing?
  • How to identify internal or external frauds on time?

Machine Learning
Improve your business

Great opportunities in many areas

  • Production

    Production and supply chain operations (such as quality assurance or inventory optimization) can be improved, using existing technology investments, analyzing available data, identifying potential solutions. The most typical application is for predictive maintenance, ensuring maximum availability of resources and full usage of the assets useful lifetime.

  • Finance

    Data analysis helps improving customer satisfaction and online scalability. Particularly in online Banking it is possible to access to customer feedback in order to maximize the offer of products and services.

  • Telco

    Machine Learning allows you to respond to top-level support requests from customers with effective chatbots or direct email, maintaining the infrastructure in a predictive way, modifying network parameters by anticipating customer requests and ensuring expected service levels.



  • Retail

    With Machine Learning you can acquire new customers or increase their loyalty by offering them personalized services. In particular, in e-commerce, the experience of navigation and user choices make a strategic analysis basis for marketing choices.

  • Health

    Access and analysis of health reports allow more precise diagnoses and favor a greater number of positive outcomes for patients. It is now possible to provide complete assistance by consulting patient data and receiving unexpected reports based on the data history available on the system.

  • Marketing and communication

    The analysis of data coming from social networks allows to identify successful cases or complaints and directing communication campaigns timely, maximizing their success rate.

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