Welfare, Welbeing & Benefit

We strongly believe that people should be valued and facilitated in their work.​
We want to promote harmony between professional and private life and we therefore listen to the needs of our people for their well-being and work-life balance.




With us, wherever you want!​

Flexibility is a central component of our work.
For years we have embraced smart working as our primary way of working.​

Our offices are always open and ready to welcome you on your working days, but at the same time we know that working remotely or at home can be the best solution. That’s why we offer the possibility of smart working. In addition, with the "Confido in Agic" initiative, you can bring your dog into the office, where facilities allow.

Health & Wellness​

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano!​

From home, from the park or from the office, everywhere it is important to take care of ourselves.​ ​
That is why we provide:

  • Online Wellness & Fitness platform: work out when and where you want via live streaming or recorded tracks. From the most intense workouts to mindfullness, relax your mind and body with the exercises that best suit your personal needs
  • Walking Meeting: we often organize outdoor meetings while walking. The benefits are incredible: mood, productivity, health... everything improves
  • Sports meetings: we put on periodic meetings dedicated to sports open to all our employees! An opportunity to get together, have fun, get to know each other and exercise together. Football, padel, marathons, beach volleyball, sport has no limits for us

People Evolution


Our growth paths

From day one we are committed to structuring a targeted path for your professional growth through:

  • Performance Management
  • Training courses based on your role, soft skills and technical skills
  • Microsoft Certifications​
  • Language courses

Community & Entertainment

For us the sense of community is very strong:

you will discover a stimulating environment where collaboration and team spirit will surprise you.
We work hard… and we love to have fun! 

  • Company parties
  • Contests and games
  • Free time agreements  
  • Christmas Boxes
  • Holiday vouchers
  • Events
  • Volunteering (Time Off)
  • Team Building


A few “extras” don't hurt!
From working tools to incentives:
your personal life is important and we take that into account.

  • Ticket Restaurant
  • Welfare Plan
  • Online fitness platform
  • Wedding/Birth Bonus
  • Internet connectivity

Depending on your role you will be able to have:

  • Smartphone
  • Company car

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