Time Vision 2.0

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Time Vision 2.0 is the web application developed by Agic Technology dedicated to those companies operating through work orders or work projects, and those one who need to manage reported activities.

In particular, Time Vision allows resources assigned to a project or to a contract for a customer to record hours and the specific activities performed and any expenses occurred during their working time.

The system also allows to track the time spent and any expenses occurred during internal projects (such as research & development, investment projects, training, etc.) or managing data tracking, such as leaves, permits and illness.

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Possible integrations

  • Easy to use and easily adaptable to the business needs
  • Development of structured processes (workflows) related to the main management events, supported by e-mail notification
  • Connected to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics NAV ERP systems.
  • Available On Premise or by using Cloud Software as service mode.
  • Designed to be accessible from the most popular web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera)

Process Management

Time Vision 2.0 manages the following processes:

  • Resource Management: Resource Commitment Check, Time Detection and Performed Activities Details, with the option for the manager to insert notes.
  • Expense Management: Expense Management/Asset Allocation on specific work orders with status and invoice. For business expenses anticipated by resources, the system supports the refunding process.
  • Separation between accounting and management surveys: Time Vision acts on commodity management modules without necessarily showing accounting data of tracked management.
  • Flow Separation: in presence of integration with an ERP system, the web application supports data collection and its related approvative processes. Accounting of resulting data, though automatically prepared, takes place on the ERP system using the standard procedures.
  • Management dashboards: the application allows the actors responsible for controlling, approving, or indicating as wrong the data entered by co-ordinated resources in a simplified and centralized mode.
  • Reporting: The system provides a set of operational reports (Time Report Summary, Expenses Note) and supports the business reporting and the business management for work orders.



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