16 February 2022

25 professions of the future

img_news_25 professioni del futuro

Linkedin has analyzed the data of the last 5 years and has drawn up a ranking of the 25 most requested professions: the future will be more and more technological, digital and green! Here are the rankings:

  • Robotics engineer or Robotics engineer;
  • Machine learning engineer or Machine learning engineer;
  • Cloud architect;
  • Data engineer or Data engineer;
  • Sustainability manager o Sustainability manager;
  • Data management consultant or Data management consultant;
  • Human resources analyst also referred to as HR analyst, human resources analyst, HR analyst;
  • Talent acquisition specialist or Talent acquisition specialist;
  • Software account executive;
  • Cyber security specialist also referred to as Cyber security specialist;
  • Banker;
  • Data scientist or Data scientist;
  • Back-end developer or Back-end developer;
  • Product manager also referred to as Product manager;
  • Clinic manager;
  • Retail sales consultant or Retail sales consultant;
  • Business developer also referred to as Business development officer;
  • Client manager;
  • Investment manager or investment manager;
  • Full stack engineer also referred to as full stack engineer;
  • Infrastructure architect;
  • Payroll specialist or Payroll specialist;
  • Front-end developer or Front-end developer;
  • Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) consultant o Enterprise resource planning consultant;
  • Customer service representative also referred to as Customer Service Representative.

A ranking that reflects the technology push and changes generated by the last two years of Covid-19 pandemic and opens up new challenges to be faced in the job market! We are ready!