22 February 2021

Microsoft Stream, the ideal Video Streaming service for your company


Share recordings of lectures, meetings, presentations, training sessions, or other videos that help team collaboration within organizations. Safely view, store, and share your video files with Microsoft Stream


In recent months the percentage of virtual business, calls, video calls and meetings on platforms like Microsoft Teams has increased exponentially. In these months we have appreciated even more the possibility to communicate through videos, both live and consulting them when needed with Microsoft Stream, the solution that Microsoft has designed to offer a video streaming service focused on business users.

Microsoft Stream, thanks to an intelligent search system, proves to be a more complete platform than the classic video solutions, such as YouTube or Vimeo: thanks to artificial intelligence, Stream offers real-time face recognition with search support, a function that allows automatic subtitle searches, a superior level of encryption and detailed sharing options even for businesses.

Every user is allowed to upload, view, browse and share video with maximum security: you can share recordings of lectures, meetings, presentations, training sessions, organize channels and any type of video content that helps, supports or is functional for collaboration between resources or teams. The video content is managed like any other file, without the stringent limits that characterize other platforms.

Microsoft Stream integrates seamlessly with other Office 365 Apps, such as Teams precisely, SharePoint, Yammer, One Note, and ensures you can manage who views video content and decide to what extent and with customized features to perform sharing within your team or company. Secure access to applications is enabled by Azure Active Directory, the leading identity management system, which is essential to protect privacy and sensitive data, in accordance with the latest rules and regulations.

If you are a novice and have never dealt with Microsoft Stream, no problem: configuration and use are simple and intuitive.

The new version of Microsoft Stream (February 2021)

The latest version of Microsoft Stream builds on SharePoint's advanced content management capabilities and adds Microsoft Graph intelligence to enhance video in Microsoft 365, compared to previous versions. We will devote a separate in-depth discussion to Microsoft Graph in the near future.


Danilo Stancato