29 July 2020

Microsoft SharePoint, the perfect platform for document management

Microsoft SharePoint is the best document management system currently available for businesses because of its completeness, exceptional scalability, and ease of integration with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft collaboration tools.     

The platform was designed and built by Microsoft as a tool for sharing and storing business documents and professional realities and over the years has proved to be an essential solution for the digital transformation process underway in most companies that aim to create a perfect working environment, safe, functional and automated. 

SharePoint can be used as a secure collaborative space or corporate information portal where files and documents are stored, organized and shared. Information is accessible from any device via a web browser. Companies can configure SharePoint to manage an intranet portal, an extranet and various websites.

Over the years, Microsoft SharePoint has come closer and closer to the needs of companies and today it is identified as ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) that companies rely on for various aspects of business:

  • document management and archiving
  • Business Intelligence
  • systems and process integration
  • workflow automation
  • creation and distribution of websites
  • social networking integration

Within the company we will have a centralized and secure platform where groups can collaborate, streamline data management work and work more efficiently.

The constant updating of files, the ability to share documents easily and securely in real time, cloud deployment, authentication systems and versatility simplify all business processes and this is positively reflected in terms of productivity, security and collaboration.

The seamless integration with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite, which includes the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on the market, and the ability to natively integrate with other Microsoft apps provide users with an ideal business management package.

Microsoft SharePoint applications provide the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach and are therefore suitable for use on work PCs, tablets and smartphones.

This allows you to work and communicate inside and outside the office 24 hours a day, every day. Thanks to this approach, SharePoint can be quickly and intuitively configured for viewing on mobile devices and for an optimized mobile work experience.


Danilo Stancato