12 July 2019

Agic Technology and Officine Maccaferri a partnership between technology and business

A prestigious project, of international scope, which demonstrates how much collaboration and common vision are as fundamental as technological skills and knowledge of processes.

We invite you to read the Officine Maccaferri and Agic Technology case history to have a complete vision of this ambitious Digital Transformation project, which puts the customer at the core of the processes and therefore allows company to consolidate its growth.

All of this is made possible also through the technological footprint of Microsoft which, thanks to Dynamics 365 CRM, has enabled Officine Maccaferri to equip itself with a technologically advanced platform capable of "focusing attention on the extraordinary wealth of knowledge coming from the market" (Pietro Erbacci, Group Marketing Operations Manager of Officine Maccaferri).

Moreover, the push for Cloud adoption, which is the other driver "whose value goes beyond the perimeter of these projects" as reported by Raffaele Frattini, IT Manager of the Officine Maccaferri Group. Cloud adoption consented to adapt the solution easily to the needs and "at the same time to lighten up the on premise structure and to have a technologically advanced infrastructure" continues Frattini.

Below is a link to the two (Italian) articles published in Industry4Business magazine:

Come si diventa One Company: CRM e Change Management nel percorso di Officine Maccaferri
Agic Technology e Officine Maccaferri una partnership tra tecnologia e business

Enjoy your reading!