24 September 2019

Microsoft and art's world: digital transformation at service of Italian cultural heritage

M9 Museum, 24th september 2019, via Giovanni Pascoli, 11 Mestre (VE)


The discussion between ICOM Italia, the biggest Italian museum professional network italiani, and Microsoft goes on about digital transformation and e its development for museums and museum management.

On one side Microsoft's will to celebrate innovation in art, music, sport, culture and historical places, on the other side ICOM's tendency to safeguard cultural heritage through new solutions offered by digital transformation. 

After last 10th of june event in Milan Microsoft House, in which new projects using new technologies to enhance the experience and valorize artistic heritage were presented, tomorrow's event wants to deepen and give a precise picture of technologies that can help management, preservation, development and communication of museums and artistic heritage all-round. 

The skills required to manage the sector are constantly evolving and talking about digital transformation even in the world of museums is no longer a futuristic concept.

With the new Museums & Libraries division, Microsoft guides those who work in the world of art and museums to this fundamental path of evolution: the management of human and digital resources, is the first fundamental step to achieve a more efficient operation of the entire structure.

The meeting organized by ICOM Italia and Microsoft at the M9 Museum in Mestre pushes attention on the the technological solutions designed for the crucial aspects of museum management.

Agic Technology is actively participating in this path and tomorrow will speak at 3.30 pm with Massimiliano Laici and Leonardo Nanni, with the focus: "Visitors Engagement: creating a digital experience for every visit".

The event will open at 11:15 and will close at 18.00 with a visit to the M9 Museum.


Danilo Stancato