19 May 2020

Microsoft Forms: surveys, questionnaires, tests and custom surveys

The Microsoft Office 365 bundle offers a range of high-performance solutions, perfectly integrated with each other and also available as a free version.

These months of lockdown have shown the enormous potential of the Microsoft Office 365 package compared to similar solutions and the digital solidarity initiatives, to which Agic Technology has also made an important contribution, (see our article Smart Working Solutions) have allowed its use by all users.

Microsoft Teams has reached impressive numbers in the last 60 days because it represents a unicum among the Collaboration tools (see our recent analysis) and today is a solution that is impossible to do without if you want to ensure business continuity at competitive levels.

Today we want to focus on an equally powerful solution, Microsoft Forms, a simple and intuitive app that allows you to easily create tests and surveys. In companies it is ideal for extracting customer and employee feedback, measuring customer satisfaction, analyzing and improving product features, planning and optimizing business, but also for planning and organizing corporate events.

With this amazing app, in just a few minutes, you can:

  • Create surveys and tests and easily view collected results;
  • Invite other people to respond to a form using a web browser, even from mobile devices;
  • Use the integrated analysis tools to assess and classify the responses you collect;
  • Export form data to Excel for further analysis or classification.

Microsoft Forms' enormous flexibility is also highly valued in schools and educational institutions at all levels to generate custom tests, gather feedback from teachers and parents, or create a plan for class and staff activities.

The standard version of Microsoft Forms is free for everyone because in addition to being accessible to those who already have Microsoft 365 products and those who have a Microsoft account, it is also possible to configure access to external users who do not have a Microsoft 365 account.
The Microsoft Forms Pro version is available for more refined surveys and actions.


Microsoft Forms Pro offers new features that refine the capture and interpretation of feedback collected from customers and employees and make data analysis even smoother.

Users answer to surveys and interviews using any web browser or mobile device and data is processed using Power BI reports. The extreme speed of the process allows decisions to be made in real time. The forms allow advanced customization in this version and the use of Artificial Intelligence allows question and type suggestions that can be immediately used or inserted in subsequent surveys.

The analysis of the answers is very detailed and allows immediate interpretation of the data collected also thanks to the integration with commonly used tools such as Common Data Service, Microsoft Power Platform and model-based apps in Dynamics 365.

With Forms Pro you can send users highly customized surveys with the look and feel that sets your company apart. Survey distribution is easier with the built-in email composer. You can also automate sending surveys with Microsoft Power Automate and take advantage of pre-configured flow templates to integrate with model-based apps in Dynamics 365.

Custom surveys, therefore, can be sent in different ways:

  • Integrated e-mail;
  • Power Automate;
  • web pages embedded form;
  • Form url linked in a common area or a website;
  • By sending a matrix code.


Finally, in the Pro version, more people can collaborate on creating the structure and layout of a survey through a special link that allows other users to view the initiated survey design and make changes to it.

These are just some of the features of Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Forms Pro. For everything else, try it!



Danilo Stancato