04 June 2020

We will get back our space, I will get back MySpace!

Watch the video on the new My Space Assistant App!

My Space Assistant is a multichannel and multidevice app that allows employees to book the office workstations, in compliance with recent regulations on health and safety in companies.


The MySpace Assistant App helps companies in reorganizing their business and employees giving them the possibility to get back in the office in total safety, it is innovative but still really simple to use.

With MySpace Assistant you will be able to access different features. Users who will use this revolutionary App by Agic Technology, will be able to book their workstation in the office, after authentication, choosing the area, date, time slot and services available.
The registry section will manage the data of resources, offices and workstations. In this way the workstations already booked will be disabled and the choices that will appear to the user will be only those actually available.

MySpace Assistant meets all the needs of the users, especially in this phase that follows the lockdown and provides a precise protocol to follow. For this reason it will also be possible to book Meeting Rooms, with a procedure similar to that of the single workstation and with the display of the maximum seats that can be booked for each room.

Also external visitors will be able to be assigned a seat through MySpace Assistant by the user who has the possibility to enter the visitor's personal details (name, surname, company, e-mail and upload of an identity document).

Reservations also include a series of facilities that you can enable according to your needs at the time: parking, canteen or any type of service available and necessary in your company.
The management of reservations will be simple and precise through a dashboard: the implementation, through Power BI will allow you to analyze the data related to reservations and inputs.

MySpace Assistant is an unprecedented resource for companies and employees in the post-COVID era.

We will get back our space, I will get back MySpace!


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Danilo Stancato