25 February 2020

Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare: Health365 by Agic Technology

AI for Health is Microsoft's initiative that will help researchers, non-profit organizations and health care organizations around the world to implement cutting-edge technologies in the service of healthcare. Health365 is Agic Technology's solution that improves patient service and reduces the complexity of healthcare processes.

Microsoft recently announced that it will invest at least $40 million over the next 5 years to leverage the potential of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in healthcare.

The AI for Health initiative will focus on 3 main aspects:

- Speeding up medical research innovations;

- Tackling global health crises;

- Improving access to care.

The five-year programme is designed to support health organisations and aims to improve the health of patients and the quality of life of populations around the world through equal access to care.

The enormous potential of AI will be able to accelerate medical research to help improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment, help improve understanding of mortality and longevity worldwide and be a decisive tool in addressing global health emergencies.

AI for Health is part of Microsoft's even larger project, AI for Good, which involves total investments of around 165 million euros over 5 years.

Underlying the project is a solid foundation of privacy, security and ethics, academic collaboration with leading Microsoft Data Scientists and access to the best AI tools and cloud computing.

AI for Health, main objectives

AI for Health will work with the support of Microsoft and through collaborations with leading health experts and "innovators" from around the world. Specifically, it will focus on some macro-objectives, among which:

  • to improve the causes and diagnosis of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) by collaborating with the Seattle Children's Research Institute;
  • minimizing leprosy contagion by focusing on interventions that can interrupt transmission, with the Novartis Foundation;
  • using AI solutions in diagnostic tools for diabetic retinopathy, in collaboration with Intelligent Retinal Imaging Systems;
  • advances in research, in collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Cascadia Data Discovery Initiative.

An ambitious project of great social and humanitarian impact, which provides, over time, strong investments and constant initiatives to support the main problems affecting populations, especially the less developed ones, in the field of care and evolution of health systems.

Agic Technology, Microsoft's leading Italian partner, has also invested in the healthcare sector and has created HEALTH365, to offer a cloud solution that improves service to patients and reduces the complexity of healthcare processes, using Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology.

Microsoft and Agic Technology, together for innovation in healthcare.

For more information click on the following link: HEALTH365