31 August 2021

Microsoft Windows 11 is coming!

Here we go! We are really close to the arrival of Microsoft Windows 11, the most awaited operating system should arrive officially and for everyone by 2021! If the Windows 11 preview is available from June 2021, the final launch for all users will be completed by the end of this year. There are many new features expected by users: the new interface, the contextual menu, the new priority hierarchy, the sharing menu with a new feature that will make sharing available for all apps, even the traditional Win32 ones.

Microsoft released a first public beta version of Windows 11 at the beginning of August, available to members of the Windows Insider program, the software testing program that allows users with a license for Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 and later versions to sign up to receive preview versions of operating systems still in development, those that in the past were only accessible to developers.

The August beta version, compared to the non-final version already released in the 'Dev' declination for developers in June, is not the preserve of only "highly technical users." It turns out to be less problematic and ready to use, although, of course, it is still not the final version expected by everyone.

Windows 11 will still adhere to the WaaS (Windows as a Service) strategy, which involves a whole series of updates distributed periodically to users. It will therefore remain the constant distribution of updates, some security others with features. In a support document recently shared by Microsoft we read that Windows 11 will keep many of the updates that distinguish Windows 10: the mandatory Patch Tuesday, optional preview updates and updates OOB (out of band).

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