24 October 2019

AGIC Procurement 365 Solution

AGIC Procurement 365 is the result of many years of experience in the field of Procurement in public and private companies.

It is the modular solution developed by Agic Technology to support the complex processes related to the management of Register of Suppliers, Strategic Planning, Expense Procedure, Monitoring and Reporting, to meet the needs of transparency and efficiency typical of the industry.

The solution can be activated in modular mode allowing the Administration to divide the adoption of the solution in phases, therefore to model the organizational and procedural characteristics of the company within the system, in accordance with the areas that you want to support in a given phase.

Functional areas foreseen:

  • Planning and Purchasing
  • Internal and regulation compliance 
  • Security support and traceability
  • Transparency

It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite whose features are integrated and enhanced to support real processes.
Available in both On Premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) modes, it allows customers to avoid having to worry about defining, setting up, installing and maintaining the infrastructure and the solution itself. All in accordance with security standards, certifications and strategies to ensure high availability and disaster recovery of the Microsoft Azure offering.


  • Specialized process on the characteristics of the Public Administration and reuse of the software
  • Compliant to the Procurement Code
  • Integration into electronic invoicing processes
  • Traceability and Transparency
  • Maximum Security thanks to the powerful Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Independence and integrability with respect to technologies and infrastructures already in use
  • GDPR support
  • Reduced costs and licensing flexibility
  • Also available on the Electronic Market of the Public Administration


For more details download the brochure