27 July 2021

From Microsoft Inspire 2021 welcome to Windows 365, the new era of Cloud Pcs

In front of more than 22 million professionals worldwide, Microsoft has kept its promises and made official the launch of Windows 365, which opens the era of Cloud Pc, a revolutionary service for users and businesses that will be able to use in the cloud the current Windows 10 or Windows 11 coming in late 2021, but more likely in 2022.  

A new revolution that sees operating systems land for the first time "on the cloud", for a 360° and personalized computing experience on all devices and a great opportunity for businesses in terms of processing power and security, especially for hybrid work. With the new Windows 365, everything in an operating software (apps, files, data, settings, content) and its user experience lands on the Azure cloud. 

"Just as applications have been brought to the cloud with the SaaS model," commented Microsoft CEO Satya Natella, "we're now bringing the operating system to it, so that workers can be more productive and connected, regardless of their geographic location."

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