19 October 2020

Microsoft Project, the software for planning and optimizing all project activities

There is a fine line between a successful project and an unfinished project: the organization. In today's business, planning tasks, assigning tasks, priorities and deadlines is decisive in determining whether a project is successful or not. This is what we commonly call project management, the discipline that allows you to complete a job while respecting the evolution of the initial project, on a well thought-out planning method.

Microsoft makes available to its users a series of software and solutions that help to plan every single phase of a project activity, following its path and evolution until the goal, in this case the success of the project. Like a train that has to follow a track and reach the station in time, the planning of a project has to analyze every step and every possible route incident. Among the solutions made available by Microsoft for its customers, today we introduce you to Microsoft Project, a powerful ally that allows you to respect times, costs and supervise the phases of your activities.

The primordial phase of a project is to identify the objectives, resources to be involved, roles and coordination tools. It is then always necessary to establish deadlines, budgets, services, products and tools.

A project cannot start unless these steps and the way to achieve them are well outlined: Goals; Activities; Monitoring; Deadlines; Deadline.

The planning must leave room for unforeseen events or incidents along the way and check the progress of the work and leave room for corrective action or enhancement of the project. The nerve center of the whole "machine" is obviously the project manager who must be able to keep the reins of the game at every stage and in relation to each resource involved. It is here that the great potential of Microsoft Project takes over, a tool that allows you to organize and ensure maximum performance at every stage of the work until the end of the activity.


Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project allows you to organize all the data (from the company or from outside) and the phases that structure and support the project. Project makes possible the division of macro activities in all the elements that compose them. The top-down view of each component allows to identify with time, costs and resources necessary for each phase. You can prioritize and monitor them, verify the productivity of each resource and intervene when the machine needs it. Through predefined design templates, it will be possible to optimize every single step.

By setting a work start date and a work end date you will have an organizational grid in which to enter all the data concerning the project. The set of data inserted will make it possible to create a Gantt diagram, a graphic and 360° representation of the entire project.

The cellular structure of the screen will allow you to edit, enter and monitor all the data and next to it the Gantt diagram will vary according to the numbers you enter. The cells will contain: Task ID; Task and Duration; Start and End Date; Dependencies; Resources; Gantt View; Working Time; Critical Path. All variables to which you will assign priorities and labels. The section dedicated to resources will allow you to schedule the number, tasks and also the hours they will work.

Just enter the data and Microsoft Project will automatically make projections (also visual) of the state of the art of your project.

Once the project is started you can intervene or simply follow its development, depending on the analytical direction it will take in the various stages. In short, Microsoft Project is a tool that minimizes the risk of seeing your projects fail to meet expectations.


Danilo Stancato