02 November 2021

Agic Technology joins the Microsoft Partner Pledge Italy



Together with Microsoft and other partners we will be ambassadors in Italy of a more responsible technological and digital transformation, based on 4 pillars: digital skills, diversity and inclusion, responsible and ethical AI, and environmental sustainability

Announced at Microsoft Inspire 2021, the Microsoft Partner Pledge takes shape and becomes reality also in Italy. The Microsoft Partner Pledge is a manifesto of digital and technological transformation projected into the future and that moves along four main lines, each of which is developed with specific programs.

The 4 Pillars of MSPP and their goals:

1) Digital Skills: accompanying Italian companies towards the fourth industrial revolution, with training courses such as Digital Skills (Ambizione Italia), Microsoft Learn, Skills for Jobs and Livelihood.

2) Diversity and Inclusion: promote an inclusive use of technology, accessible at 360°, with an increasingly diverse workforce within companies. Four initiatives explore the theme: Power an Inclusive Economy, Building a more diverse workforce, Earn the Accessibility Fundamental Badge, Accessibilità ed Inclusione (Ambizione Italia). "Within our partner ecosystem, we can work together to increase affordability, to achieve more diverse representation, to improve positive about society" (Microsoft)

3) Responsible and ethical Artificial Intelligence: harness the enormous potential of AI through responsible and ethical development and implementation methods: AI for good, Future computed, AI Hub (Ambizione Italia) arise from that very premise.

4) Environmental sustainability: increase the transparency of the "Carbon Footprint" and develop solutions and services able to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by a product, a service, an organization, an event or an individual. It is a clear intent, but not yet widespread at all levels in Italian companies and organizations. Sustainability, AI for Earth e Alleanza per Sostenibilità (Ambizione Italia) the initiatives launched by Microsoft and Partners to raise awareness of the issue.

Microsoft Partner Pledge is a new Microsoft Partner ecosystem manifesto that will ensure benefits for all stakeholders, including customers and companies.

"We believe that the nations with the most prosperous futures are those that adopt technologies in a profound and ethical form and ensure that everyone has the right skills and opportunities to make the most of what lies ahead" (Microsoft)

Through these 4 pillars we will build solid foundations for a more sustainable future and empower technology to address and overcome even the biggest civil and social challenges. Technologies such as Cloud, IoT, Mixed Reality and AI are the key players in the large-scale transformations that have occurred in recent years and will be in the future, with a greater sense of responsibility rooted through the values of the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently said, "While technology intensity can be a driver of economic growth, the solution is not simply to build more technology for its own sake. You need to ensure technology is inclusive, reliable and contributes to a sustainable world"

Where in the Italian market there is a lack of skills, the issues of diversity and inclusion are not sufficiently internalized, there is not yet a culture of lifelong learning, there are notions of ethical and responsible AI and environmental sustainability, the Microsoft Partner Pledge will intervene.

Agic Technology, Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 for Italy, subscribes to the Microsoft Partner Pledge and will contribute to spread it in all locations because "we believe in a better world, driven by an extensive, safe and ethical use of technologies. We propose the best technological solutions with great versatility, ready to change and adapting our DNA to different contexts. We discovered ourselves as pioneers, we became tailors and miners, we graduated in psychology and understood our customers by guiding them in exceptional flights, in the security of our competence and responsibility. We have discovered ourselves in love and passionate about our work and we have struggled to become a solidarity and ethical company, marked by strong and shared cultural values. A reality to which each of us feels proud to belong, as an indispensable resource of a team game in which we can express our individuality at its best. We believe in people, in their future, working together with Microsoft to improve the quality of life, safety and growth, respecting the world around us" as our vision states.