13 November 2020

Microsoft OneNote, the app for your super organized digital notes


Organization, planning, design, forecasting: these are words that resonate like a mantra in all companies and in all businesses of any sector. Today's approaches to projects would probably lead to nothing without having an overview beforehand that evaluates: impacts, risks, resources and time.

Microsoft has developed a whole series of solutions and software that make these operations fast, fluid and precise. Today we introduce the functionality of Microsoft OneNote, the simple and efficient software that allows us to write, annotate and take notes on all the activities that distinguish our days.

OneNote brings on your devices (pc, laptop, hybrid tablet, classic tablet, smartphone) your digital notepad, essential to have always under control all the daily "program" with the possibility to make it shared according to the various needs and then work simultaneously.

Today's work, even more so in these months of emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic, has shown us how fundamental digitization is and how the possibility of having devices ready to use, with the right software and on the move, can be decisive.

Whether you are a student, a worker, a writer or a worker, with OneNote you can write down any information and take it with you or find it on any device linked to your Microsoft account, without the need for cables, keys or other tools.

What is Microsoft One Note?

Microsoft OneNote is a free software through which you can take notes by creating notes that are available at any time on all devices connected to your Microsoft account. With OneNote you will be able to create and consult different "Notebooks", each of which is organized into "Thematic" sections, further divided into "Pages". Inside each single Page there is a large blank space, characterized by a title, like a chapter of a book. Inside the Page it will be possible to intervene by typing notes, attaching files (of any type), embedding PDF, adding images, links, hyperlinks, shapes, drawings, tables, recordings and videos, in short everything you need to focus on the various activities that mark your days, your projects, your ideas, with the possibility on the most advanced devices to take notes also through manual writing using digital pens for example. The interface, virtually identical regardless of the medium, will allow you to consult your notes at any time by finding, even visually, the contents you have written down. The screen that you will find in front of you will be super organized and very easy to consult: the Pages and Sections will have, each one, its own "label" that will allow you to immediately find the content you are looking for.

The strengths of Microsoft OneNote

OneNote's strengths compared to similar programs are definitely:

  • Precision
  • The multidevice adaptation
  • Usability
  • The ease with which you will learn how the individual steps work
  • Integration with other Microsoft products
  • Ease of sharing

One-click synchronization and sharing

Synchronize your work on all your devices and share your notes to the outside world is really within everyone's reach: thanks to the integration with OneDrive, simply click on one of our entire sections or individual pages with the right button and select "Copy link". The application will generate a link to our content and load it into memory. We will be able to share it with anyone during a conversation. The user who clicks on the link will then be able to save a copy of our work.

Microsoft OneNote is a simple software, but with enormous potential, lightweight, fast, extremely versatile and affordable for everyone.


Danilo Stancato