23 July 2020

Microsoft Inspire 2020, award-winning Agic Technology, which confirms its leadership among Partners

The all-digital edition of Microsoft Inspire 2020 has just ended and Agic Technology confirms this year with the Gold Award in the Cloud For Good category and the Bronze Award in the Cloud Business Applications category.

The annual conference dedicated to the world of Microsoft's partners experienced for the first time its digital version and open to all for free (and it could not be otherwise in the post-Covid19 era). This year "let's go home" with two prestigious awards in the Digital Transformation Champ Award, reserved to the Italian Microsoft partners.

Two awards that fill us with pride and indicate that the road we are on is the right one. Agic Technology received the gold medal (Gold Award) in the Cloud For Good category, winning 1st place last year and 3rd place (Bronze Award) in the Cloud Business Applications category.

These certificates are the crowning achievement of a period of growth that has always seen us as protagonists, but particularly in recent years. A development that is constant, tangible and increasingly ambitious, despite the fact that the health emergency has, unfortunately, destabilized our country in recent months.

In the most recent editions of Microsoft Inspire, Agic Technology has been awarded seamlessly and in several categories:

  • 2017 - Dynamics 365 Cloud Transformation
  • 2018 - Optimize your Operation
  • 2019 - Cloud for Good
  • 2020 - Cloud for Good e Cloud Business Applications

This is because we consider these awards as starting points from which to raise the bar and improve and because we are proud to put our thirty years of experience and expertise at the service of customers and the community.

From this point of view we were extremely pleased with the words of Gavriella Schuster, Corporate VP Microsoft One Commercial Partner, during her keynote:

"In the Covid-19 crisis, you were the "digital first responder", finding innovative solutions that helped clients, and in particular the people and organizations that faced the emergency on the front line, to withstand the shock, whatever the complexity of the situation. In the last 4 months the Microsoft Partner Network worldwide has developed over 130 solutions and services dedicated to dealing with the Covid-19 emergency. The Microsoft Partner ecosystem is a certainty, and it is ready, because the solutions we have built together over the last 18 months are the ones the market needs now".

Microsoft has identified four priorities for partners in the near future:

  • Remote work,
  • Business continuity,
  • Security
  • Migration to the Cloud

We are ready to meet these challenges and to respond to the call to action ensuring all our passion, quality and innovation.


Thanks to Microsoft and thanks to all Agic Technology for the result obtained.


Danilo Stancato