03 September 2021

Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability: supporting organizations toward net-zero is a priority


During the last Microsoft Inspire we could see how companies are giving more and more importance, time and resources to the topic of sustainability with the aim of reducing carbon emissions. A new approach and an increasing use of technology and digitization are giving a big hand to this sustainability path undertaken by organizations, which aims to net-zero carbon emissions, so harmful to the environment. Think of digital supply chains that improve business processes and reduce the carbon footprint (an environmental indicator that measures the impact of human activities on the environment and in particular on the global climate) or IoT sensors that send telemetry data in real time for predictive analysis: technology and innovation play a decisive role.

In every industry, in every region, Microsoft and its partners are increasingly investing in technologies that are designed for businesses and to support them in new and changing market conditions. The new Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability offering is available for companies to measure, understand, and control their carbon emissions, set sustainability goals, and take measurable action.

The use of policies aimed at reducing carbon emissions, is a sign of a great commitment to environmental responsibility and leadership.