06 October 2020

Microsoft Planner organizes teamwork in the best possible way with maximum productivity

Today we tell you about Microsoft Planner, the application for team work planning available on Office 365

Microsoft Planner is one of the solutions developed by Microsoft to help workgroups share projects, files and tasks and to efficiently and productively coordinate all aspects of team work. Planner presents itself as one of the easiest to understand and use collaborative management tools in the crowded landscape of collaboration tools for companies.

The possibility of integration with other Office 365 platform products (Microsoft Teams above all) and the ease of access to different features (which each user can model according to needs) place Microsoft Planner at the first place among project management and organization applications.

Microsoft Planner Features

Compared to other collaboration tools, Microsoft Planner is an extremely complete solution. Task management is intuitive, collaborative and visual. Each project plan is associated with a dashboard that allows you to monitor the activity tabs organized in containers, called "buckets". Each activity tab can contain various useful information, such as the specifications of the activity itself, the deadline or the description of the state of the art of the project. You can attach files to the task sheet and each team member can make considerations and observations through comments. In addition, team leaders can assign a task to one or more members who will be informed either through the same dashboard or through an email.

Each container (bucket) can be associated with a label stating the progress status: "To do", "Completed", etc..

After creating a container, you can drag and drop activities into it at any time to better organize them. You can also mark activities with colored labels to immediately identify common features.

Viewing Graphs

To get an overview of the progress of multiple projects, simply switch to the Graphs view, which provides a "top-down" view of the various projects in progress, allowing team members to see if there are any projects behind schedule or if they need to focus on particular activities, especially close to deadlines.

Attraverso queste funzionalità Microsoft Planner permette un monitoraggio costante delle attività dei team, prevenendo eventuali ritardi nella consegna o nel completamento di un progetto e garantendo la massima produttività. L’integrazione con altri strumenti di Office 365 e la possibilità di archiviare i file condivisi con Microsoft SharePoint ci permettono di mantenere un archivio di tutti i progetti di lavoro in team, consultabile in qualsiasi momento dai membri. 

Through these features Microsoft Planner allows a constant monitoring of team activities, preventing any delays in delivery or completion of a project and ensuring maximum productivity. The integration with other Office 365 tools and the ability to archive files shared with Microsoft SharePoint allow us to maintain an archive of all team work projects, which can be consulted at any time by members.

For more information about Microsoft Planner and how to make it accessible for you and your company, please contact us.


Danilo Stancato