22 June 2020

Health365: improves patient service and reduces the complexity of healthcare processes.

Last February, Microsoft announced a major investment to tap the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, with the Ai for Health initiative, a $40 million five-year program to support healthcare organizations and ensure equal access to care for all.

Agic Technology
 as one of the leading Microsoft partner in Italy, has also invested in the healthcare sector and has created Health365, a cloud solution that improves patient service and reduces the complexity of healthcare processes, on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology.

Health365 provides users with a system designed to provide technological tools to support medical and nursing processes.

Healthcare facilities, public or private, need support and high performance solutions to offer a timely and complete service to patients and to keep company management under control in every aspect.

Doctors, nurses, administrators and logistic operators collaborate actively every day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

The ultimate goal of Agic Technology's project is to make available technological tools that are easy to use for every resource of the organization/healthcare company that improve work processes.

Health365 is a solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform that exploits the full potential of integration with the innovative tools provided by Microsoft: PowerApps, Power Automate and Azure.

The innovative scope of Health365 lies in the possibility of providing a core of standard functionality typical of the industry, while defining itself as a highly scalable tool and therefore customizable to the needs of the specific application context.

Why choose Health365? There are several reasons why this app is ideal for the industry. Among the most immediate advantages we mention:

  • Computerized integrated management of the patient card of personal, clinical and health data throughout the entire care cycle within the facility;
  • Drug management with support for diagnosis, preparation/pick-up, administration and procurement processes;
  • Preparation for integration with CUP systems. Tool for statistical analysis aimed at supporting the company in the processes of detection, analysis and evaluation of parameters related to the activity and the results pursued;
  • Complete and always updated vision of materials/pharmaceuticals used for punctual control.

Health365's extensible functions make it possible to manage everything related to patients, healthcare personnel, documentation, reports, structure, marketing, shipments and archives.

Every aspect of healthcare performance and every actor involved will have a history and data, collected and analyzed by individual dashboard.

Nothing is left to chance in an industry where minimizing time, costs and errors is crucial.

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