09 July 2021

Microsoft awards Agic Technology 2021 Partner of the Year!

Agic Technology is the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 for Italy. A recognition that certifies the continuous pursuit of excellence and that rewards the commitment of all the people who work within the Group. 

July 8th, 2021. After 31 years since our foundation, we have obtained the most prestigious award: this year Agic Technology was nominated by Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 for Italy. An award that makes us proud and that comes at the end of a journey as protagonists of the Microsoft ecosystem of the last 5 years:  

  • 2017 - Dynamics 365 Cloud Transformation 
  • 2018 - Optimize your Operation
  • 2019 - Cloud for Good 
  • 2020 - Cloud for Good & Cloud Business Applications
  • 2021 - Microsoft Partner Of The Year 

Il premio riconosce ad Agic Technology "la capacità di sapersi distinguere e di eccellere nel guidare i propri clienti nei loro percorsi di trasformazione digitale e di adozione del Cloud Microsoft: Business Applications, Data & Artificial Intelligence, Modern Work e Consulenza Direzionale". Fin dal 1990 crediamo fortemente nella tecnologia come driver per rendere le aziende più competitive ed efficienti, per rispondere alle esigenze di tutti i clientiper questo abbiamo sempre puntato in maniera molto forte sulla partnership con Microsoft, che va avanti dal 2003. 

Questo traguardo certifica l’ulteriore salto di qualità che tutti noi di Agic abbiamo compiuto nell’anno più difficile e imprevedibile dal 1990 ad oggi. Essere Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021 per l’Italia, gratifica lo straordinario lavoro degli ultimi 12 mesi e ci spinge ad alzare sempre di più l’asticella ad offrire servizi sempre più innovativi, flessibili, efficienti e in grado di rispondere alle esigenze di tutti i clienti.  

Questo riconoscimento conferma la capacità di saper guidare i nostri clienti alla digital transformation e di affiancarli nel percorso di cambiamento che le tecnologie mettono in atto.  

Microsoft, durante lo scorso Inspire, ha assegnato ai Partner quattro priorità: 

  • Remote work
  • Business continuity 
  • Security 
  • Cloud migration 

We have successfully taken up and completed the challenges that have presented ourselves and we are now ready for a further leap forward. This year Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards reached 4,400 nominations from more than 100 countries around the world, which gives the exact measure of the Agic Group's extraordinary achievement.

In the last five years, the Agic Group has reported growth of more than 100% and a second headquarters has been inaugurated in Rome, in addition to the other six already existing on national and foreign territory.

The group boasts more than 200 active customers and makes skills and specialization its strong point with more than 500 certifications.

We are really proud of this goal, which is not a point of arrival, but a new starting point. Thanks to those who made it possible: every single person of the Group, our customers and Microsoft of course.

Danilo Stancato